On Bioshock Infinite

I know I need to post part 2 on audience at some point, but I feel the need to talk at length about Bioshock Infinite.

If we judged a game by how much has been written about it since release, Bioshock Infinite is already pretty up there. There are the usual reviews and the spouts of praise from drowning faucets, of course. There’s also the hotly-debated and oft-misunderstood ending. I’m here to throw in my two cents.

Bioshock Infinite is a poster child for the terrible state of video games this generation. No game comes even close to illustrating everything wrong with this industry – not even the woefully poor interpretation of market trends EA likes to call Dragon Age 2. At the same time, Bioshock Infinite is a work of auteur genius I consider on par with Metal Gear Solid 2 – flawed, and completely relevant. So play it, by all means.

Elizabeth: “A choice is better than none, Mr. DeWitt. No matter what the outcome.”
Booker: “Yeah? What if you woke up one day and realized you didn’t like what you chose?” Continue reading