Noodle Philosophy: Beef Brisket Noodles

Living in Hong Kong, I get exposed to a melting pot of culture. Many of them have their own noodles.

There are many things about a bowl of noodles I find philosophical. Each culture’s bowl is representative of their cultural identity. Screw ambassadors for culture like pandas or white dolphins. The way to the heart is through the stomach, and to the best of my knowledge, we don’t eat pandas. So I figure I’d start talking about noodles. Fear not, this is my life blog – not a food blog, but food is such an essential part of life in Hong Kong that I can’t really avoid talking about it.

So where to start? Locally.


Beef brisket and squid ball on rice vermicelli, with aromatics. Hell yes.

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KFC Regret

So last Thursday we go to KFC for lunch.

I have a very strange relationship with fast food. I crave the stuff from time to time and its easy accessibility means that more often than not it’s within reach. It’s easy to sell and market, and it’s the low-hanging fruit of consumerism. People will always need food, and people go fast. Fast food is the obvious step in filling a market need.

At the same time, the marketing strategies and products used by the mega-conglomerates that own big pieces of the fast food businesses are often so misguided so as to seem completely repulsive.

A few of my friends have heard me bring up the term “KFC regret” in casual conversation. What is KFC regret? It encapsulates the entire KFC experience. It’s the narrative KFC (and parent Yum! Brands) spends billions of dollars trying to sweep under the rug. I don’t know why they bother – regret is retroactive. It only happens after the fact, when you’ve already spent money on KFC products.

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