So, uh…

This is pretty much what Batman VS Superman is gonna be like, right?


And they say that a hero can save us

Man of Steel is a decent film. Some might even say great, if you measured greatness by the sheer amount of things that get punched to pieces. Sometimes I do, because I’m easy to please.

However, it does not exactly have a great Superman in it. People much smarter than I, fans of the character across different generations and well-versed in all forms of Superman media as well as the many different versions of Superman, have written at length on the subject.

I’m actually here to talk tokusatsu and the Amazing Spider-man 2 (or Amazing Spider-Man: Rise of Electro for those of you who live in Britbongland, areas that were previously Britbongland colonies or have trouble keeping track of numbers, reboots or number of villains in each movie). Let me preface this by saying this is going to be long and probably a bit personal, and by no means do I consider myself an expert in the fields of spidermanology, tokusatsuism and superman…ism.

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E3 2014 Countdown – Manifest Familiar Destiny

A new video game generation sees the launch of new IP. Given that the game industry gets notoriously risk-averse and skittish thanks to the presence of The Man when large amounts of money are involved, companies have been unsurprisingly conservative about what they’re doing with the new generation of consoles.

Case in point: Sony Santa Monica has teamed with one of the premier former PSP developers, Ready at Dawn, to release a brand new IP set in a striking alternate past universe where templars hunt werewolves with steampunk technology. Sounds gripping, right?


Brave new letterboxed world, that has such familiar gameplay and camera angles in it.

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