Boxtalk #1 – Star Wars/Jurassic World Trailer Talk

Warning: Talking very fast, rambling, complaining about lightsabers, T-Rex gorilla arm nipples, Chris Pratt, and Disney as the Umbrella Corporation.

Welcome to the first of hopefully many Boxtalks! Chaos and Red talk about the Star World and Jurassic Wars trailers released last week.



Well, mostly about how stupid the lightsaber claymore looks.

Somehow, T-rex gorilla arm-nipples and Chris Pratt’s fulfillment of not one but two boyhood dreams worked their way into the conversation.

Music Featured:
Star Wars Theme – John Williams
Jurassic Park Theme – John Williams
Vengeance – Mintjam [Back Alley Spiders]


Go Big or Go Home

Say what you want about the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. The sheer amount of craftsmanship and detail on display, from the design of Tokyo-3 to the intricately detailed support systems for the pseudo-mecha themselves, remains a treat to watch.

However, there is something Evangelion 3.33 gets so fucking incomprehensibly wrong that despite the movie’s confident, thoughtful direction (say what you want about the plot and source material, but Anno thoughtfully raised his middle finger towards the entire audience and you can’t do that without confidence) I can’t in good faith recommend it to anyone who loves titan-sized whatever-the-hell-the-evas-are-supposed-to-be stomping around.

It’s scale.

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