Square-Enix: The Dream is Dead

Christ on a cracker.

Oh, Square. I don’t even know anymore.

You guys were given all the time in the world. All the development resources, all the A-list talent, all the designers, illustrators, artists and programmers you could ever want at your disposal, and what have you turned out in the last decade?

A game so bad it wrecked the reputation of the Final Fantasy brand – considered the unassailable bastion of Japanese RPGs. The pissing away of a pedigree so valuable that merchandise of any sort commanding the iconography from games they made decades ago still demands premium prices. Once respected industry leaders and the pride of Japan, Square-Enix have become a joke to their once-loyal fans worldwide. These same fans have long since moved onto other things, like jobs and families and lives of their own.

The last decade in video game development – the seventh generation of video game console hardware – will be remembered for a game industry grown bloated, arrogant, and fat, giving rise to the worst kind of business practices. But I will remember it for the death of Japanese video game development, and the snubbing of an established truth that I had long since proclaimed as gospel: that Japan made the best video games in the world. I will remember it for the loss of faith I had in Square to make games of any sort.

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On how we can end up living in 10^45 bubbles

This is one of the most important things I have ever read on the internet about people. Read it. Always be wary that you do not live in a bubble, because if you do and the bubble pops, you’re going to have one very, very rude awakening.

Update: He’s posted a followup, which is just as interesting.

Why I Feel Bad For, And Understand, Devin Faraci

This is written in response to Devin Faraci’s extremely patronizing but well-meaning article, which can be found here. Any comments about the Chinese copying shit are very much appreciated, because we are so very damn good at it and we’d like some kudos for that.

Double disclaimer: this was actually written last week when I discovered the original article, and as such some of the timings referred to are no longer valid (weeks, etc.). Any information that has been revealed over the last week is therefore not referred to in this piece. If Devin Faraci would be willing to start a rational and non-hostile dialogue with me, that would be wonderful. The offer for beer and videogames does actually still stand.


Shown here is the fictional character Mort, from Gunshow’s Anime Club comics. It was, at one time, a far more accurate depiction of me than I would care to admit.

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Internet feminists and political consultants, please note

Quick note: please don’t consider yourself a champion for a position of strength and power for your associates while simultaneously trying to pass yourself off as a victim of society and circumstance.

It’s called “having your cake and eating it too”, and despite it being one of the founding principles of the American nation, America’s PR should at least have shown you that it will only make everyone hate you all the more.

We call those people “hypocrites”. There’s nothing wrong with being a hypocrite – but don’t act surprised when people hate or dismiss you offhand.