X: What is reality, whence cometh it, what unit measures it?
Chaos: Pocky.
Chaos: I’ve seen it measured in percepts, but I prefer pocky.
X: …interesting.
X: Defend your hypothesis.
Chaos: One percept would be one whole unit of reality – almost one whole reality. One singular perception.
Chaos: Of course, the reality that we are in is a mass of combined percepts. Interlinking.
Chaos: But would there be reality if there was no perception of it?
Chaos: Take a box of pocky.
Chaos: Who are we to say that the world is not contained inside one pocky box?
X: Does something exist if it’s not perceived?
X: If it does, then there’s an absolute reality that everyone sees differently.
Chaos: In that it was a stick of cheap biscuit covered in oily chocolate.
Chaos: How are we to measure absolute reality when all we do is perceive it?
X: Perhaps then the measure is not of the thing itself but the degree of deviation between an individual’s perception and the truth?
Chaos: Ah, but you’re talking about an absolute truth.
Chaos: I propose that no such thing exists.
X: Maybe not. But what if?
Chaos: At least, not in terms that we can understand.
Chaos: See, a percept as a unit is funny. Each individual somehow labors under the delusion at some point that his or her or its own perception of the world is equal to another individual’s percept.
Chaos: Conflict occurs when percept X > Y, or even percept X = / = absolute.
X: But now how do we prove that there’s a degree of difference, greater or lesser?
Chaos: That’s impossible without stating the existence of an absolute truth.
Chaos: Due to a limitless number of unknown factors every percept is different. It would be arrogant for me to assume my experience of life is the absolute.
Chaos: Say we interchange the term “percept” for “delusion of”.
Chaos: Do we then measure reality in delusions?
X: I like this idea.
Chaos: What if reality is just a delusion and all we are is just some chocolate on the end of a pocky stick?


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